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What’s in a Memory?

Posted by on May 10, 2016

What’s in a Memory?


The birth of a song begins with a flash of a feeling.





Maybe it’s a sway of a hip or a tap of a toe and in an instant the senses are transported to a remembrance. Our privilege as musicians is capturing that dash of a moment and transforming it into a memorable melody.


Jim and I wrote two songs that are ripe with feeling on juxtaposed sides. ‘Dance of Destiny’ instantly transports the dance floor to your mind allowing the feet the freedom to move and the hips to groove! The second, ‘Love is Calling’, reminisces luxurious relaxation as the hammock gently sways in the breeze and the mind eases in the midst of harmonies beautifully gliding with one another like birds in the air.

Kathryn Webster and Jim Stallings

We are excited about our next project that’s coming together in the studio. The vision is there and the components are coming together for a memorable set of songs that we hope you’ll love! Who’s ready for some new music?

While we are in the midst of working on recording, we are booking house concerts and church concerts. If you are remotely curious about wanting us to come…contact us! We are a delight and put on a fantastic show.

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