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Behind the Curtain

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015

Behind the Curtain

Have you ever wondered about the history of a venue?


Who’s played there?

In learning about our upcoming show at the Vinyl at Center Stage, I found some pretty cool facts about Center Stage I thought were worth sharing (thank you, Wikipedia!):

  • Elton John recorded “The Captain & the Kid” there in 2006
  • Duran Duran and Lady GaGa have both performed there
  • WCW (World Campionship Wrestling) was recorded at Center Stage for Saturday night TV from 1989-1996

That makes me so pumped up to perform a FUN show in the tradition of all those who have played there before us. We have a wonderful line up with The Extraordinary Contraptions and Zangaro.  We’re also bringing in a few fresh faces to play with us!

Make sure to get your tickets here or call 1-877-725-8849 before they sell out!

Look forward to seeing your beautiful face,

Kathryn from The Listening Wall

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