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From Raleigh to Reality

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

Pour House excited

I was REALLY excited…can you tell?


The last leg of the tour was in Raleigh, NC at a cool venue called The Pour House. Clever name, huh? The Pour House is in downtown Raleigh which I would describe as super cool, laid back, and friendly. We started unloading our gear and noticed so many people hanging outside and chatting with one another. Not on their electronics but actually…wanting to talk with each other face to face! Nice to see.


The Pour House Pic

Jim and I before the show. (I was sneakily taking pictures tee hee!)


With The Pour House being our last show on the 2 week tour, you can probably imagine how beautifully exhausted we were by this point. I use the term “beautifully exhausted” happily because we were doing what we love to do- perform! We had a marvelous show and the patrons of The Pour house were energetically fun in their enthusiastic response to the music. That always makes for a great night!



We love to share music with you!

Raleigh was a good reminder that people matter. I’ve learned on this tour that it’s amazing to get out of my comfort zone as I strive to get to know new people. People are vital to what we do. (What we ALL do, really.) We sing because of you. We perform to connect to you. We strive to write music that is worthy for your ears to hear. Different enough to hold your attention yet has integrity so that it’s captivating and energetic all in one. Our passion is music.  Jim and I love to share our stories with you. Thank you for sharing your stories with us too.

One of my favorite quotes is from Jonie Mitchell:
“If people see me in the music then I’m not doing my job, but if people see themselves in the music then I’m doing my job.”

Have a great day,

Kathryn from *The Listening Wall*

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