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Posted by on Jul 8, 2014

In the middle of the tour, Jim and I spent a week at a conference called The Glen.  It was held at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. Yes, it’s the same Mount Holyoke college where Emily Dickinson went to school for a year. (It’s crazy when history and reality collide right?! Hmm…that might be a good song title!)

The Swan

The resident swan at the pond. It was well fed. Also, it was a little grumpy.

Jim and I had the privilege of leading worship each evening alongside the distinguished Message translator Eugene H. Peterson. He’s a cool dude by the way. I like his wife too. Just in case you were wondering.

Anyways, the Glen is one of those precious places where thoughts are encouraged. Deep thoughts. Thoughts that change the heart for the better. It’s a haven that gives you the quiet place to let your thoughts actually float to the surface while providing a stimulating environment to grow deeper in the craft of writing, painting, music, poetry… basically all the arts you could dream of.


Jim with what some call “REAL” maple syrup from North Hadley, MA


Me in front of the pond. No swan in sight, whew! Me and the swan had a few stare downs that week.

Jim loves The Glen and ever since I have worked with him, he comes back from the conference refreshed, recharged, and renewed. This conference attracts a lot of (what I would lovingly refer to as) super smart Jeopardy winners where I would fit more in the impulsive Price is Right category. So, when I write that the Glen was a totally new experience for me you know I ain’t lyin’! With this in mind, I learned and listened a lot that week. But let me tell you one last thing, when those beautiful Glen folks sang…it was like listening to the angels. So thankful for our time there. Blessed time for sure! Jim and I even wrote 2 NEW songs while we were there! We’ll be sharing them with you soon!


Until next time,

Kathryn from The Listening Wall

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